Our Architectural Team with the capability of developing projects from Conceptual design stage to Execution stage has delivered more than 2000+ projects to our esteemed clients in various ranges which include large gated communities to high rise commercial & residential buildings, Hotels, Institutional and even Railway Station Buildings. Our Architectural department has even supported our Civil & Structural wing in the industrial architecture.

Conceptual Design

  • Visit site and ascertain physical condition and existing services.
  • Study climatic conditions.
  • Coordinate with site survey and details.
  • Prepare concept design development, alternatives.

Preliminary Design

  • Prepare all the drawings required for submission to obtain approvals from Authorities
  • Prepare preliminary design based on concept brief.
  • Modify the same based on client’s comments and utilities requirements, specialist agency requirements.
  • Freeze the project brief and design specifications.

Preparation of Tender Drawings

  • Prepare detailed drawings for all areas.
  • Design details and specifications for civil and utility works.
  • Prepare tender drawings and documents for all works under our scope.
  • Evaluation of tenders, advice the client.

Detailed Design

  • Issue drawings good for execution for all works in line with contract drawings.
  • Issue spot details
  • Provide periodical supervision.
  • Inspect sample works of contractors.
  • Issue quality control instruction until virtual completion of works.
  • Coordinate with specialist agencies during execution

Post Construction stage

Prepare as built drawings for the works designed by the consultant.


  • Analysis & Design of RCC and Steel Structures for High Rise Buildings, Large Industries like power plants, cement plants, steel plants etc.
  • RCC Chimneys.
  • Steel Stacks.
  • Pipe Racks.
  • RCC & Steel Silos & Bunkers.
  • Vibration Analysis of Dynamically Loaded Equipment Foundation & Structures
    such as Cooler Fans, Mills, TG Foundations etc.
  • Material handling structures like Transfer towers, Conveyors, DPC etc
  • Retaining Structures.
  • Pile Foundations, Well Foundations, Sheet Piling & Coffer Dams.
  • Joint Detailing of Steel Structures both Welded and Bolted.
  • Settlement Analysis of Structure & Foundation.
  • Underground RCC Tunnels.
  • Architectural Design and Detailing.
  • Design of Intake Structures.
  • Structural Optimization Study & Recommendation.
  • Retrofitting and Strengthening of Existing Structures



Feasibility Stage

  • Possible alternative alignments/bypasses and technical/engineering alternatives.
  • Indicative design Standards, methodologies and specifications.
  • Field studies and investigations
  • Inventory of roads and bridges
  • Traffic surveys and analysis.
  • Cost estimates
  • Economic and Financial analysis.
  • Kilometer Strip Plans and clearances

Draft Detailed Project stage

Main report, design report, material report, Drainage report, Environmental impact Assessment report, rate analysis, cost estimate, Bill of Quantities and drawing volume which comprises the following

  • Horizontal alignment and Longitudinal Profile
  • Typical Cross sections with details of pavement.
  • Design Cross sections at every 50m interval.
  • Kilometer-wise drain drawings
  • Drawings for Road Signs and Markings, Toll plaza and other facilities.
  • Schematic diagrams of widening schemes, location of median openings, grade
  • separated intersections and at-grade intersections and bypasses
  • Location of service roads.
  • Location of toll plaza, parking areas, road side amenities, bus bays.
  • Schedule for BM and reference pillars, traffic safety features.

Final Detailed project stage

All revisions deemed relevant following receipt of the comments from the client shall be incorporated in the reports and drawings shall be submitted.

  • Horizontal alignment and Longitudinal Profile
  • Typical Cross sections with details of pavement.
  • Design Cross sections at every 50m interval.
  • Kilometer-wise drain drawings
  • Drawings for Road Signs and Markings, Toll plaza and other facilities.
  • Schematic diagrams of widening schemes, location of median openings, grade
  • separated intersections and at-grade intersections and bypasses
  • Location of service roads.
  • Location of toll plaza, parking areas, road side amenities, bus bays.
  • Schedule for BM and reference pillars, traffic safety features.

Bridge Engineering

  • Feasibility studies and investigations
  • Inventory of Bridges and Cross Drainage structures and Report Preparation
  • Preparation of alternatives to arrive at most economical and suitable solution
  • Preparation of General Arrangement Drawings of Bridges and CD Works
  • Preparation of Design Basis Reports
  • Conceptual and Preliminary Designs
  • Cost estimate etc.


  • Preparation of Hydrological Calculations and Report for arriving at Linear Water Way of
  • Rivers and Streams
  • Detailed Engineering Services for Highway and Railway Bridges and related Structures
  • Detailed Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete, Pre-stressed Concrete and Steel Bridges
  • Preparation of detailed designs and drawings of Cross Drainage Structures
  • Coordination and getting Clearances from Railway, Irrigation department etc
  • Detailed Design of Road Over Bridges/Road Under Bridges, Vehicular/Pedestrian Underpasses
  • and Flyovers etc.
  • Preparation of Widening Scheme and suitable Design of existing Bridges and Culverts along
  • the Project Road
  • Design of Retaining Structures
  • Value Engineering, Structural Optimization & Recommendations
  • Preparation of Final Estimate as per Detailed Design for both Highways & Bridges
  • Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Existing Bridges & Structures



Our services in Mechanical Engineering discipline for industries like power/cement/others

  • Developing lay outs.
  • Developing General Arrangements of different departments.
  • Developing Material Handling Systems.
  • Developing Flow Sheets
  • Detailed design and fabrication drawings for different types of pressure vessels, pressure and
  • utilities like piping, Bulk storage silos/tanks using national and other codes like Euro, ASME etc.,
  • Selection of materials for construction

External electrical works

  • Load Calculations
  • External Low voltage system layout
  • External Street lighting layout
  • Design & sizing Transformer
  • Design & sizing G Set
  • Earthing details Transformer & DG Set
  • Main Electrical Room Layout & Details
  • ELECTRICAL Related Equipment mounting layout.

External plumbing works

  • Water calculations
  • External Drainage / sewerage layout
  • External water service layout
  • External storm water / Rainwater Harvesting layout
  • RWH Pit Details
  • External Plumbing Standard Details

Internal electrical

  • Load calculations, Panel schedules
  • Electrical Main schematic
  • Floor wise DB’s Schematic
  • Stilt Cable Tray layout
  • Floor layouts of Lighting
  • Floor layout of power, TV, TP & Data layout
  • Earth Pit Layout and details

Internal water supply & sanitation (plumbing)

  • Water Requirement calculation
  • Floor Layouts of water Supply system
  • Floor Layout of sewage system
  • Floor Layout of rain water system
  • Terrace piping layout with equipment details
  • Schematic diagram of water supply
  • Solar water heater details
  • Sizing of SUMP & Puddle flange details
  • Sizing of OHT & Puddle flange details
  • Sizing of STP & details
  • Sizing of WTP &  details



Shop Drawing Services

Architects and designers need to do regular check-ups of the amount of material that sub-contractors on the project are proposing to make. Shop drawing services will make this task easier, as they are technical drawings of pre-fabricated components, such as elevators, pre-cast, and windows. At LEAD, we can provide with excellent shop drawing services for various projects.

We offer the following Shop Drawing Services

At LEAD, Our experienced detailers and engineers who has got full knowledge detailing software like TEKLA, CADS RC, AutoCad, Revit etc are well trained in the preparation of shop drawings and have been performing shop drawing services successfully for several years. We have experience in collaborating and communicating with sub-contractors, vendors and manufacturers to produce quality shop drawings. We guarantee the highest quality and will align with your sub-contractors preferences. We dedicate ourselves completely to earning our clients’ trust and respect, so you can be sure that you’re getting quality work every single time.

We offer the highest Quality of Bar Bending Schedules & Structural Steel Shop drawings

Benefits are visible as,

  • Professional drafters and engineers handling the projects
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Quality output with attention to client’s needs
  • 99.95% accuracy guaranteed

BIM Services

LEAD offers end-to-end, high-value driven and quality conscious building information modeling (BIM) services to clients in India, Europe & UAE. LEAD offers Building Information Modeling (BIM) services for Architectural, Structural and MEP trades.

We bring the benefits of BIM to architects, construction companies, general & specialty contractors and facility managers. The benefits drawn are many and include delivery of BIM projects within limited budgets, shortage of qualified manpower and tight schedules.

Our portfolio of BIM services extends from conception to construction. At each stage of the project, we add discipline-specific data to the centrally shared model thereby delivering an Integrated BIM project. 

Our virtual model of the construction/building helps engineers/project managers to visualize the building even before it is constructed. This helps us to reduce uncertainty, predict risks, improve safety and analyze potential impacts. 3D Modeling of each trade is done and coordinated to detect clashes. Our coordinated and integrated BIM model helps in achieving coordination between two or more services.


We help architects to leverage on our BIM capabilities and gain by saving on time and cost. With our support architects can focus on creative processes and conceptualize complex projects. We partner with architects during design development, construction documentation, presentation modeling, detailed site drawing, As-built modeling and BIM content development.

Structural Detailing Services

LEAD’s BIM specialists have completed multiple structural detailing projects that include both commercial and industrial sectors in Middle East, North America, Europe and Africa. Our specialties include, steel detailing, precast panel detailing, and rebar detailing, steel shop drawings, construction documentation and structural 3D modeling. Our structural steel detailing BIM expertise include 3D modeling, rebar & precast detailing, shop drawings, construction documentation, and quantity survey & estimation. With the benefits of quick turn-around-times, top quality and cost-effectiveness, we are the first choice for drafting and modeling services.

Mechanical CAD Services

LEAD specializes in prototype or modeling of building structure or machine part. We leverage on our competency in 2D drafting and 3D modeling services for manufacturing and mechanical parts or structures. Our BIM experts specialize in mechanical room modeling, isometric drawing, parametric modeling, mechanical 3D modeling, general assembly drawing, and mechanical shop drawing. We support manufacturers, engineers, fabricators and consultants to achieve high level of accuracy in assembly, casting, machining, and sheet metal drawings.

MEP Engineering

Our BIM experts have proven expertise in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) drafting and modeling services. Our MEP engineering services include  BIM, 3D modeling, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, HVAC duct and pipe modeling, markup detailing, builders work drawing, parametric modeling, plumbing modeling, 2D drafting, etc. We partner with clients of Industrial, Residential, Hospital, Educational and Commercial sectors to provide innovative and highly professional MEP/ HVAC drafting services.

Facade Engineering

Facade engineering or Curtain wall design utilizes energy efficient glazing units, structural sealants and lighter & stronger materials like Aluminum, improving the overall performance of the building. We offer quality and cost-effective facade engineering services to Architects, Building owners and Construction personnel. Our expertise includes, Aluminum Curtain Walling Systems, Aluminum Composite Metal Cladding, Metal Canopies, Spider Glazing, Doors, Windows and Skylights.

BIM Consulting

Importantly, we help the traditional construction companies, general & specialty contractors to scale-up and achieve greater operational efficiency and quality through our rapid, robust and effective BIM migration services. With proven expertise in engineering, construction, fabrication and erection, we help clients to achieve quick BIM turnaround within minimum time and cost. We partner with our client business at every stage of BIM process viz. BIM implementation, training, audit, offshore service, planning, object library creation, integrated project delivery, and facility management

BIM 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Services

LEAD offers point cloud to BIM services. 3D scanning helps the different stages of construction like 3D model creation, visualization, animation, rendering and quality inspection. Our Point Cloud to BIM Service is required by most of AEC professionals and firms for preparing various models of Architectural, Structural and MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection) elements.

Laser scan is implemented on elements like exterior & interior walls, doors, windows, ceiling, curtain walls, floor, roof, major furniture & fixtures, structural column, wall, beam & slab, bracing, trusses, floor & roof framing, duct, pipes, cable tray, light fixture, electrical outlet and other equipment . We capture detailed information about an element in its physical space and allow precise and accurate modeling, coordination and quantity take-off. We have executed several projects during renovation and extension stage for international clients.

Deliverables from Point Cloud to BIM

3D BIM Model Creation @ LOD 400 Level for Renovation & Extension – 3D Models are generated using BIM, based on point cloud scan data to improve transparency and streamline communication for quick decision making during As-Built Phase.

As Built Drawing Preparation for Plan, Elevation & Section Sheet – As-Built Drawing Preparation from 3D BIM Model serves as a comprehensive reference tool facilitating future project planning including extension, renovation & redevelopment from point cloud data.

Construction Scheduling using 4D BIM for renovation and extension work – Point Cloud or 3D laser survey helps the renovation work of old buildings to gain momentum and creates interest among architects. Project construction schedule/sequencing is linked to the BIM model from point cloud scanned data. Users can click on a building object in the 4D visual environment and can view its associated task highlighted in the Gantt chart or vice versa.

Facility Management / COBie data for individual elements – Lead facilitates project stakeholders to organize approved electronic submittals from point cloud scanned data during renovation and extension through facility management. Complete contact records of every project are managed including accurate data for essential fields. The BIM files, drawings and the PDFs are organized to be easily accessed through secure server directories. BIM engineers follow COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) process for managing facility assets.



LEAD adheres with the best project management principles for early turnaround and quality execution of projects. All our project managers come with the right set of qualifications (PMP certifications) and experience across different sectors like Cement, Steel, Power, Chemical Plants and Housing Projects.

Our project managers are engineers that specialize in architectural design, civil & structural engineering, mechanical engineering, utilities (developing & detailing), review and approval of structural analysis and design calculations and site supervision.

The benefits that our project managers bring to each client engagement include,

Framework: We work as per a definite framework, which is developed as our standard operating procedure that defines processes and practices from conception to close-out.

Consistency: Our project management expertise has made us to gain consistency in quality delivery.

Professionalism: Our engineers are highly professional in their project management work which will ensure work progress and timely completion of tasks.

Risk assessment: Our engineers can effectively assess risk, and take the mitigation steps to lessen the costs and overheads of the project.

Development: Each project provides a learning experience to our project managers. We grow as the client grows and work on projects incrementally challenging.